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County Town/township Orphan Name  Year Family taking orphan
Allen Iola Murray, Lydia  1900 George Seymour
  Lora Seymour
1971 Death Record (in 1905 living with
married (1910-1915) Irwin Baptist  and
Ulysses Sylvester Peck
        Attice Baptist)
Brown Hiawatha Thomas Bush 05/19/1882 B.M. Dreisback
Brown Hiawatha James Clark 05/19/1882  J.M. Dreisback
Brown Hiawatha Charles Doylet 05/19/1882  Louis Chase
Brown Hiawatha Peter Duffy 05/19/1882  John C. Mechling
Brown Hiawatha Dominick Flannagan 05/19/1882  Peter Trompeter
        Anna Trompeter
Brown Hiawatha Dennis Ganey 05/19/1882  Simon Smith
Brown Hiawatha John Hart 05/19/1882  Morgan Walters
Brown Hiawatha William Helbriegel 05/19/1882  C. Walter
Brown Hiawatha Joseph Johnson 05/19/1882  Timothy Jones
Brown Hiawatha Gustavus Long 05/19/1882   
Brown Hiawatha John Nathan 05/19/1882  Robert Andrews
Brown Hiawatha John R. Thornby  01/20/1882  Judge B.F. Killey
John bio info
 father  James Thornby
 mother Catherine Thornby
Brown Hiawatha Joseph Zeller  01/20/1882  Dr. Robert Patton
        Julia Patton
Cherokee Baxter Springs Finn, Thomas  1894 C.D. Arehart
Cherokee Columbus Custed, Charles  1894 S.O. Goodrich
Cherokee Columbus Davis, Elmer  1894 Reuben W. Hefflin
Cherokee Columbus Mangan, Willie  1894 R.L. Risbow
Cherokee Columbus Mosher, Scott  1894 Mrs. William Taylor
Cherokee Columbus Smith, Thomas  1894 Mayor Wiswell
Cherokee Columbus VanCura, Anna  1894 Hans Casper Christiansen
Cherokee Columbus VanCura, Joseph  1894 Thomas Haines
Cherokee Columbus Walker, Harold  1894 Dr. Scammon
Cherokee Neutral VanCura, Willie  1894 S.W. Alcenz
Cherokee Tehama Fertig, John  1894 C.W. Willey
Cherokee Tehama Fertig, Joseph  1894 Wm. McMillen
Cherokee Weir City Kline, John  1894 Mrs. Nancy Dagger
Clay Clay Center Meyer, Louis H.  1887 1st - David Glenn;
2nd - David Shreffler
Clay Wakefield Burns, Frank  1887 ?
Cloud Clyde Ashdown, Edna  1911 ?
 (died Jan 1998, per Lori Halfhide article)
Edna marriage info to Frank Marco
Edna residence info 1997
Cloud Clyde Ashdown, Mable  1911 Sherman Padgett
Research info on Edna & Mable
        America Padgett
Cloud Clyde Atkins, Nelson  1911 ?
Cloud Clyde Devore, Hayes  1911 ?
Cloud Clyde Mussman, Caroline  1911 ?
Cloud Clyde Rosseu, Adeline  1911 George Trowbridge
 Trowbridge letter part 1 Sarah Trowbridge
 Trowbridge letter part 2
Cloud Clyde Shuckhardt, Annie  1911 Amaziah?Shilo Brown
(Vivienne Harter)
Cloud Clyde Stoll, Hallie (Garwood)  1911 Bardy Garwood
        Linda Garwood
Cloud Clyde Weinhold, Alfred  1911 ?
Cloud Clyde Weinhold Ross, Helen  1911 ?
Cloud Concordia (?) Gleason, Elida   William Fred/Emma Gleason
 married Harry Stout
Cowley Arkansas City Oughterson, Marion Emma (Lutz) 1917 Everett  Bunner
        Rose Lee Bunner
Cowley Arkansas City Bullis, Alice (Ayler)  1930 Lived with several families but eventually
 Obituary (names her parents) staying with Barnes family of  Marion county. 
  (wedding shower annoucement to Donald Ayler 1939)
 Her father Charles H. Bullis  
 Her mother Orena (Woodbeck) Vroman  
Cowley Arkansas City Bullis, Elmer  1930 ?
Cowley Arkansas City Bullis, Leslie Harold  1930 Thomas Bankston
Parents Charles Bullis and Orena Woodbeck (info from his sister Alice's  obit ... above)
Twins Leslie and Wesley were
taken by the Bankston's, their names were changed to Thomas F. Jr  and Lorane   (see 1930 census)
Cowley Arkansas City Bullis, Wesley Charles  1930 Thomas Bankston
Parents Charles Bullis and Orena Woodbeck (info from his sister Alice's  obit ... above)
Twins Leslie and Wesley were
taken by the Bankston's, their names were changed to Thomas F. Jr  and Lorane   (see 1930 census)
Crawford Cherokee Brown, Clarence  1894 J.W. Goul
Crawford Cherokee Brown, Matthew  1894 J.W. Goul
Crawford Cherokee Burns, Edward  1894 H.P. Adams
Crawford Cherokee Leperdoff, Jacob  1894 Jacob Stebbins
Dickinson Abilene Snider, John M.  1918 Orin Snider
1940 census showing John and wife Margaret (nee Jennings) and son John Jr born 1937/1938 in Wyoming.
(indexed as Sneider but if you look at the census image you can see that John Sr born in Philadelphia and Margaret born in Kansas... that is them)
John M. Snider, Jr
(I believe this is John JR death record.  Born 1937 in Wyoming and his mother's lastname was Jennings.)
        Mary (Lee) Snider
Doniphan Doniphan Stiawalt, George  (?) Mary Hutchins
Doniphan Caldwell House Colwell, Frank  1894 Myron C. Barbour of Coffeyville KS (Montgomery county)
 born in Wyoming in 1880 per
 1895 kansas census
Whoever indexed that census mistook Barbour lastname for Barhune.
Ellis Hays Deoger, Gertrude  1910 Phillip Rupp
        Elizabeth Rupp
Ellis Schoenchen Feit, Jessie  1910 Conrad Bieker
(Teresa Martin)
Harvey Newton John Abraham Lingenfelter  (took adopted name Schroeder) 5/13/1919 Johan  Schroeder
 Lingenfelter children arrival picture
 News article about John Lingenfelter
        Maria (Enns) Schroeder
Harvey Newton Elizabeth (Lingenfelter) Rice 5/13/1919 William Reiger
        Elizabeth Reiger
Harvey Newton Esther (Lingenfelter) Buller 5/13/1919 Jacob Schmidt
        Lizzie (Enns) Schmidt
Harvey Newton Hester (Lingenfelter) Claassen 5/13/1919 William Reiger
        Elizabeth Reiger
Harvey Newton Tillie (Lingenfelter) Gilchrist 5/13/1919 Soloman Mouttet
        Ella Mouttet
Jefferson Oskaloosa Dunbar, Samuel  1911 Otto Lantz
Jefferson Oskaloosa Fichtner, Katie  1911 F.H. Corson
Jefferson Oskaloosa Frederickson, Fredof  1911 Chas. Winans
Jefferson Oskaloosa Grant, Eva  1911 James and Mattie Quakenbush
 Father Ulysses Styler Grant
        (born 1868 in New York)
 Mother Clara (nee Craft) Grant
   (born 1869   died 1907)
Jefferson Oskaloosa Grant, Mildred  1911 Thomas Davis
Father Ulysses Styler Grant
        (born 1868 in New York)
 Mother Clara (nee Craft) Grant
   (born 1869   died 1907)
 1900 New York Census shows Mildred with U.S. and Clara.
By 1910 the girls are in the orphanage)
Jefferson Oskaloosa Loggman, Adelaide  1911 Owen Johnston
Jefferson Oskaloosa Palmer, Henry G.  1911 Harvey Wood
Jefferson Oskaloosa Potthoff Keeton, Anna  1911 Louis Kimmel
        Margaret Kimmel
Jefferson Oskaloosa Potthoff Kimmel, William  1911 Louis Kimmel
        Margaret Kimmel
Jefferson Valley Falls Buggelen, Wm.  1911 A.H. Jurgens
Jefferson Valley Falls Deacon, Norman  1911 Jessie Uhl
Jefferson Valley Falls Hoyt, Edward  1911 J. Irvin Spence
 Kancoll Story
Jefferson Valley Falls Hoyt, William Lambert  1911 H.A. Mowry
 Kancoll Story
Jefferson Valley Falls Miller, Marvin  1911 A.J. Jurgens
Jefferson Valley Falls Olmstead, Hugh  1911 Thomas Davis
Jefferson Valley Falls Vallentine, Fred  1911 Newton Bilger
Jewell Burr Oak Lockwood, George  1909 J.E. Renner
Jewell Burr Oak Wolfe, Raymond  1909 F.A. Smith
Jewell Cawker City Bean, Eddie  1886 H.M. Reynolds
Jewell Cawker City Brown, Richard M.  1886 C.H. Hawkins
Jewell Cawker City Chadwick Robert  1886 Chas. E. Bishop
Jewell Cawker City Chadwick, Mary  1886 Mrs. L.M. Leggett
Jewell Cawker City Duval, Robert   Thos. Shaw
Jewell Cawker City Fox, George  1886 Mrs. E. Bowman
Jewell Cawker City Freeman, James  1886 Chas. D. Brown
Jewell Cawker City Gathier, Joseph  1886 Wm. F. Donaldson
Jewell Cawker City Howard, Willie  1886 Daniel Shook
Jewell Cawker City Martin, Chas.  1886 A. Grimes
Jewell Cawker City Pugh, Thomas  1886 Gordon Kerr
Jewell Cawker City Smith, Jas. K.P.  1886 W.H. McClaskey
Jewell Cawker City Sommers, Chas  1886 Jas. M. Doak
Jewell Cawker City Tarbitt/Tarbett, Andrew  1886 J.A. Haseltine
Jewell Cawker City VanWoessell, Wm.  1886 Wilson Moore
Jewell Esbon Simmons, James  1909 Frank Ward
Jewell Jewell Crumm, Grace  1909 S.H. Stone
Jewell Mankato Cohen, David  1909 John Miller
Jewell Mankato Crumm, Ethel (Metz)  1909 G.R. Walker
Jewell Mankato Crumm, Udolene  1909 H.E. Walker
Jewell Mankato McDonald, Theresa  1909 E.E. Keyes
Jewell Mankato Nordmark, Edward  1909 W.L. Gish
Jewell Mankato Slover, Ethel  1909 James E. Graves
Jewell Mankato Vettenheimer, Julia Agnes  1909  
Jewell Otego Nordmark, Oliver  1909 F.M. McCammon
Jewell Randall Crumm, Clara  1909 John A. Hatfield
Marion Antelope S ___(?)___, Mary L.   ?
Marion Antelope Murphy, Francis Homelin  1921  
Marshall Axtell Butt, Margaret  1883 Mr. Rundle
Marshall Axtell Tyner, Pat  1883 J.L. Allendale
Marshall Beattie Weideman, Geo. T.  1883 J.M. Williams
Marshall Beattie Weideman, Louis  1883 J.P. Drinen
Marshall Blue Rapids Williams, John   Wm. Paul
Marshall Frankfort Amond, Louis  1884 Mrs. Isaac Walker
Marshall Frankfort Clements, Ada  1884 Ed. Faulkner
Marshall Frankfort Clements, Wm.  1884 Ed. Faulkner
Marshall Frankfort Cole, Clarence  1884 A.G. Height
Marshall Frankfort Cole, Ernst  1884 C.F. Clarck
Marshall Frankfort Cole, Herbert  1884 John E. Mires
Marshall Frankfort Irving, William  1884 John W. Parrish
Marshall Frankfort King, George   W.A. Ceaser
Marshall Frankfort Mayberry, James  1883 Isaac Walker
Marshall Frankfort Mitchell, William  1884 Geo. C. Brownell
Marshall Frankfort Rickter, Werner  1884 Mr. P. Gregg
Marshall Frankfort Schwabling, Samuel  1884 Wm. Holtman
Marshall Frankfort Steavens, Walter  1884 Dr. Garvin
Marshall Frankfort Triano, Francisco  1884 M. Bowers
Marshall Frankfort VanWinkle, David  1884 Thomas Gregg
Marshall Frankfort VanWinkle, Julia  1884 Martin Walch
Marshall Frankfort Westfeet, Harvey  1884 J.G. McConchie
Marshall Frankfort Westfeet, Oscar  1884 J.G. McConchie
Marshall Marysville Anderson, Fred  1883 William Farrell
Marshall Marysville Cantrell, Ella  1883 Mrs. F.V. Shaw
Marshall Marysville Crittenden, Harry  1883 Mr. Hedge
Marshall Marysville Deary, John  1883 W.G. McKee
Marshall Marysville Gargona, Mary  1883 Mrs. Dr. Hatfield
Marshall Marysville Jamison, Joe F.  1883 Robert White
Marshall Marysville Jones, Wm.  1883 Dr. Edwards
Marshall Marysville Lind, Annie  1883 Mrs. Donahue
Marshall Oketo Lind, Gustave  1883 Mr. Arnold
Marshall Vermillion Scott, Walter  1884 J.V. Kniffen
Miame Miami Mosher, Frank  1894 Mrs. Ed Scammon
Miami Paola Hamer, Adolph  1880 ?
 1895 Miami county census
 showing Adolph & Gertrude
Mitchell Beloit Hill, James C.   ?
Mitchell Cawker City Bailey, Willie  1886 L.A. Rees
Montgomery Cherryvale Clymer, Blanche  1916 1st - L.A. Snyder
2nd - Thomas/Myrtle
Montgomery Cherryvale Clymer, William  1918 Thomas/Myrtle Holman
Montgomery Elk City Conklin, Raymond  1916 Cal M. Harbour
Montgomery Ellis Cty. Beck, Gertrude  1901 Joseph Brungardt
Montgomery Ellis Cty. Bernt, Charles  1901 Johannes Goetz
Montgomery Ellis Cty. Coons, Florence  1901 Anton Pl Brungardt
Montgomery Ellis Cty. Desmonde, Ella  1901 Andreas Riedel
Montgomery Ellis Cty. Gilbert, Mary  1901 Balthasar Brungardt
Montgomery Ellis Cty. Golden, Eva  1901 Anton M. Herman
Montgomery Ellis Cty. Harney, Winifrede  1901 Michael Peters
(returned to orphanage)
Montgomery Ellis Cty. Hunt, Genofeva  1901 Peter A.M. Dreiling
Montgomery Ellis Cty. Krause, Amelia  1901 Johannes Dreiling
Montgomery Ellis Cty. Lambrecht, Mary  1901 Peter Mermis
Montgomery Ellis Cty. Nelson, Edgar  1901 Johannes Dreiling
Montgomery Ellis Cty. Reynolds, Johanna  1901 Anton Sander
Montgomery Ellis Cty. Rotmund, Rose  1901 Joseph Helwig
Montgomery Ellis Cty. Sharp, Helen  1901 Balthasar Brungardt
Montgomery Ellis Cty. Smith, Mildred  1901 Johann Braun
Montgomery Ellis Cty. Stone, Mary  1901 Camillus Nenf
Montgomery Ellis Cty. Sullivan, Daniel  1901 Balthasar Brungardt
Nemaha Rock Creek Crosby, Alice  1909 Henry Plattner
Marriage record to Raymond Gentry
        Damaris Plattner
Nemaha Rock Creek Sorgenfrei, Elsie  1909 Wilbur Davisson
Nemaha Rock Creek Sorgenfrei, Johanna  1909 W. H. Poot & Mary Poot
Sorgenfrei Research Page
Nemaha Rock Creek Sorgenfrei, John  1909 Jake Zug
Nemaha   Cope, Claud  1909 Jake Aberle
Nemaha   Cope, Forrest  1909 Lloyd Miller
Nemaha   Cope, Sherman  1909 Edward Strahm
Nemaha   Libecajt, Carrie  1909 Marvin Stewart
Nemaha   Libecajt, George  1909 W. T. Anderson
Nemaha   Van Tassel, Minnie  1909 John Beer
Neosho Chanute Baby Mary  1894 Mrs. H.O. Arnold
Neosho Chanute Lewis, Fred  1894 Edward A. Kepley
Neosho Chanute McNeil, John  1894 W.R. Sanders
Neosho Chanute McNeil, Peter  1894 George W. Chappel
Neosho Earlton Smith, James  1894 Semi Robinson
neosho Shaw Ett, Stephen  1894 James Mefford
neosho Shaw Hubertson, George  1894 J.W. Cline
Osage Osage City Blackford, Anna Virginia
 1910 Charlie/Nellie Howard
Blackford, Beatrice
John & Ada Miller
Osage Osage City Curtis, Elizabeth  1910 ?
Osage Osage City Silven, Kristine  1910 ?
Pawnee Conkling ___(?)___, Thelma Muriel  1915 Jesse Fox
        Minnie Fox
Pawnee Conkling Washburn, Mary 1912-15(?) Jesse Fox
        Minnie Fox
Pawnee Larned Burke, Florence Ruth  1915 Charles Posey
Pottawatomie St. Marys Bakule, Jenny (Jean)  1908 Mr/Mrs Bakule
Pottawatomie St. Marys McCormick, Anthony  1908 John McCormick
Pottawatomie St. Marys McNeive, Katie Murry  1908 ?
Pottawatomie St. Marys Mulligan, Eugenia (nee Cullivan)
 1908 Con Cullivan
(birth record,
 Cora Alice Isabelle Mc Vicker)

Pottawatomie St. Marys Levi, Laura  06/161904 Caspar Seitz
 (assumed adopted name Seitz)
 Father Abe Stern,
 Mother Rebecca Levi
 msg board entry by her son
 James Kirby
Pottawatomie St. Marys Sheridan, Margaret  1908 Bernard Sheridan
Pottawatomie St. Marys Strecker, Aurelia Buss  1908 John Buss
Pratt Pratt City Eadie, Gilbert  1913 Mr/Mrs Wm. Wright
  (relocated to KS.
(orphan train info) after initially
  sent to IA.)
Pratt Pratt City Eadie, Walter  1913 Mr/Mrs Wm. Wright
Republic Belleville Reed, Clara Pearl  1909 Rev. Duckett
Republic Belleville Reed, Howard  1909 Luther Dowell
Republic Belleville Reed, James  1909 Mr. Elliott
Republic Belleville West, Bill  1910 Elwood West
Riley Leonardville Colwell, Harry  1894 Edward Maxwell
Russell Gorham Ivers, Angela  1902 Albert/Eva Weigel
 (changed to adopted name
  Weigel) (Ellis Cty.)
Saline Salina Hollywood, James Newton   moved to KS as a young man
Shawnee Topeka Sauvage, Harry P. 1883-85(?) 1st - Rev. __(?)__;
2nd - Rev. __(?)__
Sumner Wellington Stewart, Anita (Sprout)  1917 Fred/Louise Corfield
Washington Washington Oberlin, Mary Lanier  1892 Rachel Ogden  wife of Wesley Ogden
 (born 1878 in Germany  immigrated to U.S. in 1880.)
married Ralph Pearson
Wilson Altoona Kane, James  1894 R.S. Fish
Wilson Altoona Miller, Jacob  1894 R.S. Fish
Wilson Fredonia Conklin, Peter  1916 Clyde Taylor
Wilson Fredonia Finly, Edna  1916 Mr/Mrs Lawson
Wilson Fredonia Leschander, Helen  1916 Mr/Mrs J.J. Piepmeyer
Irene (died shortly after
  arrival on train)
Wilson Fredonia Richard, Paul  1916 W.A. Wheeler
Wilson Fredonia Smith, Edwin  1916 Frank C. Monroe
Wilson Fredonia Smith, Sadie  1916 Carl Charlen
Wilson Fredonia Turner, Elsie  1916 T.R. Minton
Wilson Neodesha Vaufe, Herbert   J.W. Browning
Woodson Yates Center Haerter, Catherine  1917 ?
Woodson Yates Center Haerter, Ethel  1917 ?
 born to Harry Haerter
 and Ethel ??
 (grandmother was
  Catherine Haerter)
Woodson Yates Center Haerter, Harry  1917 ?
 born to Harry Haerter
 and Ethel ??
 (grandmother was
  Catherine Haerter)
Woodson Yates Center O'Laughlin Marie  1917 ?
Woodson Yates Center O'Neill, Bertha  1917 ?
Woodson Yates Center O'Neill, Gottfried  1917 ?
Woodson Yates Center O'Neill, Hermana  1917 ?
Woodson Yates Center O'Neill, Lena  1917 ?
Woodson Yates Center O'Neill, Viola  1917 ?
Woodson Yates Center O'Neill, William  1917 ?
Woodson Yates Center Tanske, Anna  1917 ?
 (census shows she arrived in 1917)
 (married name Cain)
 died Jan 8, 1995 Phoenix AZ
 her husband Arthur V. Cain
  died 1997 Phoenix AZ
 her son Earl Dean Cain
 her daughter
  Mary Etta (Cain) McFarlen
Woodson Yates Center Tanske, Ernest  1917 ?
Wyandotte Kansas City, KS. Weber, Margaret  1921 Elizabeth Bergman
  ? Donlan, Alfred   ?
  ? Ernst, Julie   ?
  ? Heller, Patricia   ?
  ? Krohn, Bertha Elizabeth   ?
  ? Slyter, Maude   ?
(around 1910-20,
Maude was a KS.
child whose parents
died, was picked up
by an orphan train
going through KS. and
adopted in Ark.)
  ? Turner, Mary  1916 Jerry Myers

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